Home Selling Tips. Things to Know!



Due diligence before moving day

There’s more to your move than calling a moving company and setting a date. A few key points need to be considered to ensure a cost-effective, trouble-free experience.Get a binding quote: There’s nothing worse than discovering after the move that you owe more than you bargained for due to extra fees and charges. Ask for a binding quote after their in-person inspection.

Ask about extra fees and charges: These may pop up even after getting a binding quote. For example, you may be stuck with additional fees for extra storage, extra mileage or items that are too heavy or fragile.

Ask about their cancellation policy: Should you decide to cancel or reschedule, know the financial ramifications. It’s also a good idea to wait until you have a firm move date before setting and appointment.

Ask about insurance: Reputable companies will offer insurance to cover damage. But be aware that such insurance can be very basic—it might only cover a few pennies per pound. Ask about available insurance upgrades.

Ask whether your items will be transferred to another mover: Long distance moves may mean your company will transfer your stuff to another truck and crew. This increases the potential for extra fees and possible damage to goods.

Do your research: Don’t be afraid to comparison shop. Visit their websites. Give them a call and talk to a real human being. This is a great time to pose your questions and concerns before setting an appointment or writing a check.

Facing these points squarely ahead of time will go a long way in ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.


Quick tips for selling quickly

Patience is a virtue for just about any circumstance including selling your home. Yet sometimes you must sell quickly when a job opportunity arises or you face an abrupt lifestyle change. Assuming your home is in good condition and free of liens, here are several tips to help expedite a sale:Ask for a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA): I can prepare an informal estimate of your home’s value based on comparable sales in the neighborhood. This includes detailed comparisons of the home’s size, age, location and features to determine a reasonable price range for your property. You can then adjust the price based on variables in home and lot size, upgrades, condition and location. The amount may not be what you had envisioned, yet when priced slightly below comparable sales you should attract serious buyers.

Be flexible: Know your bottom price and don’t be offended by offers within those parameters. Consider negotiating housewares and fixtures that may appeal to prospective buyers—such as those expensive new drapes you just installed, the dining-room chandelier or that new washer-dryer combo. Determine what you can and can’t live without.

Remove the clutter: This must be done regardless of time frame. Throw away anything you won’t be taking with you and pack storage items that you won’t miss during the selling process. Rent a storage pod that can be picked up and eventually moved to your new home.

Offer incentives: One popular incentive for a fast closing is to share or pay for your buyer’s closing costs. You may also offer higher commissions for a fast sale, which may lead to even more showings.

Rent to buy: If there’s interest but no one is willing to meet your timeline, offer the chance to rent with the right to buy it in six months or a year. Both parties win, as buyers can experience the home and neighborhood firsthand while you transition with cash flow to cover expenses.

Indeed, selling a home requires time and patience yet there are several things you can do to help expedite the process. With flexibility and creativity, you can increase your chances of a quick sale.


A distinctive backyard can turn heads

Savvy agents understand that staging homes both indoors and outdoors is vitally important. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your backyard is as distinctive as what’s inside:Create a conversation area with furniture: The area needn’t be elaborate; just two chairs pulled close together with a table between can make even the most basic concrete patio special. An outdoor eating option is even more inviting.

Remember the kids: If you have a tree house, fix it up and paint it bright colors or add sporty designs to get the attention of the kids. Just make sure the tree house is safe. Add a tire swing to a tree and have a basket of balls, toys and a jump rope so kids dragged along can play in the yard.

Firepits/hearths: Few home improvements create the “wow” factor that a backyard fireplace or firepit will. It can create the appeal of a home’s interior in the backyard.

Simple fixes: Do a thorough inspection and replace any damaged boards on your deck or fence and apply a fresh coat of paint, stain and sealant if the finish requires it. You should also weed and groom your garden and add some perennials for color.

Creating a backyard sanctuary is one of the smartest things you can do to make your home stand out, so make your outdoor space a destination to remember.

It is my hope that you will find these tips useful during your move. Please consult with the various professionals in their respected fields if you have questions, and please consult with ME if you plan to buy a home or sell a home!

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