Jamie Starr, Realtor

Turning your “CAN’Ts” Into “CANS” and your DREAMS into PLANS Since 2002

You Have A Friend In The Business!



James and Lee Realty

2610 Potters Road Suite 100

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464


I have been in the real estate business for over 14 successful years, and I will be here for many more. This longevity and confidence comes from my real estate experiences to a great many buyers and sellers, and their recommendations to others that result in repeat and referral business that keeps me productive and successful.

As a full service Hampton Roads agent, I work with buyers, sellers, investors and builders in real estate transactions spanning all price ranges and property types.

Residential Single Family – My residential single family services connect buyers with sellers every day, and I do it with professionalism and a total dedication to my clients. This property type is the majority of my market transactions but by far not the only one in which I have expertise.

Condominiums – While condominiums are residential, they’re a very different market focus, and I have expertise in evaluating condos and helping buyers and sellers to cope with the special financing and homeowner concerns for this property type.

Multi–family – Investors have been great clients for me. Multi–family properties are a very unique market. The detailed return on investment and valuation calculations investors need to evaluate properties for rental are second nature to me.

Builders — From selecting the site to assisting with development, I am there to assist my builders with almost every aspect of the process. I began my career over 14 years ago, with new homes. This gave me an opportunity to specialize in that field. I have a unique way of adding personality and success in marketing your homes to many buyers. I ensure that peace and tranquility surround the contract process once we secure one so that you may focus on what you do best- BUILD!

Vacant Land – Land is a very special property class. It’s relatively easy to show a gourmet cook a wonderful commercial kitchen in a home and see their eyes light up. It’s more of a challenge to help a buyer or seller to realize the potential in a piece of land. I’m the best at it in the Hampton Roads real estate markets.

Call me at 757-230-7486 or email me at WelcomeHomeVirginia@Gmail.com to start a discussion of your needs. 

You Have A Friend In The Business!


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